The Amityville Horror

amityville house

112 Ocean Avenue one of the most famous Haunted Houses in America,Or is it?

On the 13 of November 1974  at around 3:00 am Ronald Defoe Jr Gunned downed 6 members of his family.They were Ronald Defoe Sr ,Louise Defoe, And his brother and sisters  Dawn,Allison,Marc and John Matthew.

All while they slept soundly in their beds not one of the family got up or showed any signs of alarm as they were all found lying on their stomach’s.After killing his family Ronald Jr takes a shower gets dressed then heads to work for 6:00am while at work he phones home claiming that nobody is picking up the phone after work he hangs out with friends but still claiming he can’t get hold of this parents.Some reports say he phones police sometime later and tells them someone has broken into his home and has killed his family. Other’s say he run’s to his local bar and declares his family have been killed .When the police arrive they find all members of the family dead in their beds with gun shot wounds to their backs.

Ronald tells the police it was a Mafia hit and is taken into police custody for protection.The next morning Ronald admits to killing his entire family.

It would come out later in the trial that Ronald Sr was an abusive father and also Ronald Jr had heard  there voices plotting against him. He was found guilty on 21 November 1975 for 6 counts of second degree murder. On the 4th of December he was sentenced  to 6 concurrent sentences of 25 years to life.

After 13 months  of the house being empty now enter George and Kathy Lutz and their 3 children.

George bought the house for $80.000  even after the agent told them about the killings,George still thought this was a bargain for a 5 bed house with a boat house and pool.

After they had moved in George his wife decide to get the house blessed by a Priest Father Ralph J Pecoraro whose name was later changed in the book.

While busy unpacking the priest starts to bless the house and upon entering a room on the second floor, he starts to pray and spray Holy water over the room he hears a masculine voice telling him too “Get Out”.The priest flee’s the house and on returning home phones George and warns him about the second floor room which turns out was once the bedroom of Marc and John Matthew Defoe.

Later on in the Book The Amityville Horror the Priest tells us that he became very ill after visiting the house and even blisters started all over his hands.

George and Kathy always said that “It’s As if they were each living in two separate houses”.

Some of the other unexplained happenings that happened to the Lutz family.

George would wake up every morning at 3.15am the same time as the killings happened in the house.

Kathy Lutz reported to being held in a loving embrace by an unseen force. The Lutz’s 5-year-old daughter had an imaginary friend named Jodie a pig like demon with red eyes.

There was a smell of excrement in the house, the windows and doors were all being damaged from the inside and George found a hidden room in the basement which they called the Red room.

George also claims to have witnessed his wife turning into a 90-year-old hag in front of his eyes. After 28 days  the Lutz family leave the house were they claim the occurrences followed them to their new home.

2 Months after leaving the now famous house paranormal investigator’s decide to see if there is any truth behind the Lutz family claims.One such investigator Lorraine Warren claims she felt an overwhelming feeling of depression in the house. The investigator’s spent 2 night’s in the house and took lots of time-lapse  photographs were they claim to have captured a ghost like child looking out at them from one of the room’s.

George decides to contact Ronald Jr’s Lawyer William Weber saying if Ronald went through what his family experienced he must be innocent.After meeting the Lawyer over a few bottles of wine it became more of a writing exercise but then George Lutz felt pressured by Weber over the story and decided to agree a Book deal with Jay Anson so in 1976 the novel the Amityville Horror came out selling over 6 million copies. The film version was a smash hit but the Lutzs Family never signed a contract with Anson and only got $300.000.

George says that some of the facts in the book are embellishments but still says everything happened like they say it did.

So who is telling the truth as there is still little proof of the events that the Lutzs claim to have happened so was it all done for the money?

As every other family that have lived in the House have reported no paranormal activity to this date.




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