The HellFire Caves


The Hellfire Caves in the Chiltern Hills near High Wycombe in (England) was the meeting place for  the Order of the Knights of West Wycombe which later became the notorious Hellfire Club.

I have always been interested in this place and the many strange stories surrounding this dark and unholy place,which is a strange thing to say because when you visit the Caves they are actually under St Lawrence’s Church.

So how can something be that Unholy under a church?

Well the caves were excavated by Sir Francis Dashwood in 1748 and they are 500 meter’s long and consist of the Entrance hall,Steward’s chamber,Whitehead’s cave,The Franklin Cave(Named after Benjamin Franklin) The Banqueting hall,The triangle, then cross a river which is called the river Styx to the Inner Temple.

Some of the member’s were William Hogarth,John Wilkes,Thomas Potter,And the 4th Earl of Sandwich John Montagu.

So what went on in these caves well according to reports there were Black Mass rituals,A lot of drinking went on and wenching and a lot of pornographic material also went on and also Murder.

Suki a young 16-year-old girl who worked as a barmaid at the local pub fell in love with a man traveling through town.Much to the disappointment of the young lads who lived in the town.They decided to get their own back on her and sent her a letter claiming to be from the Young traveling man and saying he wanted to meet her in the cave and come wearing a white dress.So suki thinking that he wanted to run off with her to get married went wearing her favourite white dress. On entering the caves she realised it had all been a joke as the young lads from the village surrounded her and started laughing at her.She grew angry and started throwing stones at the lads so they threw stones back and one hit her in the head and knocked her out.The lads carried her to the pub and left her in her room but the following morning was found dead.

Suki is believed to wander the corridors of the pub late at night and head to the caves were she is believed to be waiting to be reunited with her long-lost lover.

Many people have claimed to have seen the ghostly figure of a woman walking in the tunnels of the caves and I myself while visiting the caves captured something strange on camera which i can’t explain.

Some years ago I visited the caves and got there before they opened there were no queues to get in and i was the first one through the entrance.Nobody went in before me and nobody could have pasted me as the cave tunnels are so narrow.As i was walking i was taking pictures with my camera in hope of capturing  something. As i entered one of the tunnels i saw what i can only explain as a white mist moving over my shoulder as i turned towards the mist it turned into what looked like a hand and as i raised my camera to take a picture i was to slow and the mist disappeared into the wall.

As I carried on down the tunnel still taking photo’s i took this picture.FB_IMG_1491991285170

Now what does it look like to you? bear in mind i was the only one walking down this tunnel nobody could get by me or a head of me.But if you look closely at the photo it looks like someone is looking round the corner at me from the far end of the tunnel.If you look closer still it looks like the figure is wearing a dress as you can see no legs.

Is this the famous ghost of Suki still looking for her young gentlemen to come and meet her?

I totally recommend visiting this place as there’s plenty to see  from orbs to fleeting mist’s.And also strange ghostly faces carved into the tunnel walls.





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