Borley Rectory the Most Haunted House in England


Borley Rectory was once claimed to be the most haunted house in Essex  England but sadly that claim died when the house was destroyed by fire.

Borley Rectory was built near Borley Church by the Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull in 1862. The Reverend Bull moved in as Rector of the parish a year later.

Legend has it that a Monk had an affair with a Nun in a nearby convent and the affair was found out the Monk got executed and the Nun was bricked up alive in the walls of the convent.There has never been any historical evidence to back this up, so was this all made up by the Reverend Bulls children.

The first reports came in 1863 from a few locals who claimed to have heard  unexplained footsteps inside the house.Then in July 1900 the Reverend’s 4 Daughters claimed to have seen a ghostly figure of a Nun walking in the grounds of the rectory late one twilight evening they go on to say that they even claim to have tried to speak to the Nun but the figure disappeared when they got close.For over 4 decades Paranormal claims were still being reported until Reverend Bull died in 1892, then his son took over the house until he died in 1928.

Then in October of the same year Reverend Guy Smith and his wife moved into the house and the paranormal activity started happening all over again.While cleaning out some cupboards Smith’s wife found a brown package which contained the skull of a young woman. Soon after the husband and wife started seeing phantom lights in the windows and heard strange footsteps in the house.  And also a ghostly carriage going through the grounds.

The Smith’s decide to contact the daily Mirror to try to contact the Society of Physical Research(SPR). In June 1929 the paper send along a reporter who penned a few articles on the happening inside Borley Rectory. A few days later Harry Price, a paranormal Researcher entered Borley Rectory for the first time and the activity soon escalated to a scale of strange tapping coming from inside the walls and on mirrors, even stones being thrown apparently out of thin air. As soon as Price left the activity ceased.

Harry Price Paranormal Investigator

The Smith’s left the Rectory in July 1929 .The following year they Reverend Foyster and his wife and adopted daughter moved in once again the paranormal activity begun to take hold.The Reverend Foyster reports strange noises,windows shattering, Strange writing appearing on walls and also bell ringing in the middle of the night.

Also the wife of Reverend Foyster claimed the was poltergeist activity in the house and she was thrown from her bed. Her daughter also being attacked by something she couldn’t explain.

After twice trying to exorcise the house and failing  the Foyster’s left the rectory and the reports were sent to Harry Price.But later the wife of Reverend Foyster admitted having an affair with the lodger and made the stories up to cover up her meeting’s with him.

The house remained empty for sometime then Harry Price took out a year-long lease on the house and got students to stay in the house over many weekend’s and report there finding’s .One such student Helen Glanville held a  planchette séance. Price reports she made contact with 2 spirits one a young Nun Marie Lairre  who left her homeland of france to come to England to marry a member of a wealthy family and was murdered in the Borley Manor House which stood on the site of Borley Rectory, and she was buried in the basement. The wall writing’s were her cry’s for help, one read “Marianne,Please help me get out”.

The other spirit was a male and called himself Sunex Amures and claimed he would set fire to the house on the 27th of march 1938. he also claimed the bones of a young murdered person would be revealed on that same night. But nothing happened.

On the 27th Of Febuary the new owner a Captain Gregson accidentally knocked over an oil lamp and the blaze spread through the house.On Investigation it was found the fire was started on purpose. And now the house was severely damaged Harry Price decided to excavate the basement and while doing so found 2 bones apparently belonging to a young woman.

After Price’s death in 1948 the Daily Mail reporter Chris Sutton accused him of faking most of the Paranormal phenomenon.

But to this day has never been proven.

Ghostly Figure at Borley Rectory

The ghostly writing that appeared on the walls

borley writing


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