Blood sucking Strigoi

In Romanian Folklore the Strigoi were the first vampire’s and all Western traditions like Dracula stem from this piece of folklore.

Causes of becoming a strigoi include being born with hair,having a cat jump over your dead body or being the seventh child of your parents.

It is believed that in the first 40 days the Strigoi leave their graves in search for blood and can appear  as a spectral human form to gain access to their family which they then attack. Other form can be of a beast or ghost. Once the 40 day’s are up the Strigoi become a Moroi a  physically present walking corpse one could say like a zombie that attacks the living.

In 2003 there was a report of a Strigoi attack a Man named Petre Toma died.Shortly after his niece became very ill and dreamed that her uncle was visiting her at night.Petre’s brother knew what he had to do and along with some men from the village. They dug up his brother’s body and removed his heart and throw it into a fire collecting the ash after they fed the ailing niece the ash and she was cured.


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