The Legend of the Black Shuck


maxresdefaultThe black Shuck of East Anglia a phantom dog as  black as the night which is supposed to roam the country side and coast line.

There has been many reports through the ages of this Phantom and many say it is an omen of death.

On the 4 th  of August in 1577 at a Church in Blythburgh it is said that the ghostly dog crashed through the doors of the Church ran up the nave were it killed a man and small child as it ran back out the Church it left scorch marks on the floor of the church which some say can be still seen today.

There have been many accounts not only in East Anglia but all over England and they all differ in some way. Some tell of a ghostly black dog with eyes of fire,Or eyes of benevolent green. Or in some cases just one big eye and is seen floating on a thick mist like a carpet.

Was it this Phantom Dog that gave Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the idea behind the Hound Of The Baskervilles.

If your out on a lonely moor and you see a ghostly figure of a large black dog you better start running so be warned.

The Black Shuck


7 thoughts on “The Legend of the Black Shuck

  1. I’m from norfolk and black shuck is said to roam on the acle straight. There is an unusually high number of traffic accidents that happen on that road and it is said that they are caused by the light in shucks eye’s distracting drivers.

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  2. after reading up on this we visited both churches
    and talked to a local woman in bungay did feel a
    silly saying we come to follow the legend bit she told
    us it was seen back in 2016 on a foggy night by 2 local people and yes the claw marks are still there to


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