Ronald Doe(The boy behind the Exorcist)


Ronald Hunkeler or the boy Named (Ronald Doe) was a 13-year-old boy from Maryland In Washington DC In the 1940’s.

Ronald was very close to his Aunt Harriet who was a spiritualist and introduced the young boy to the Ouija Board.

After her death the family begun to hear strange noises in the house, furniture being moved by its self and object levitating by an unseen hand when Roland walked by.

The family turned to their local Pastor L Schulze arranged for the boy to stay overnight so he could observe him. L Schulze claims to have seen objects moving by themselves.So he told the family to seek advice from a Catholic Priest.

The stories go that the boy then went through a number of exorcism’s. Edward Hughes a Roman Catholic Priest carried out one such exorcism at Goergetown University hospital.Were It is said the boy slipped out of his restraints and broke a bed spring and hit out at the Priest slashing his arm wide open and the exorcism was halted.

The family then went to stay in St Louis were Ronald’s cousin contacted a professor at the St Louis University a Raymond Bishop who contacted a Priest at the college church a William Bowden. They both then went to see the boy. Were they claim to have witnessed objects flying out of control, the boy speaking in a guttural tone, and the bed shaking all by its self. Father Bowdern got permission from the Arch bishop to carry out another exorcism. The exorcism took place Alexian Brothers Hospital in South St Louis Missouri.

Before the exorcism began another Priest was called a Father Walter Halloran to assist father Bowdern and another Priest William van Roo.

During the exorcism it is claimed by Father Halloran that words appeared on the boy’s body, words like “Hell” and “Evil” along with other strange marks.

Also it is claimed that the bed started shaking and Ronald broke Father Halloran’s Nose.The exorcism took only eight minutes and the boy was heard to say “He’s Gone”with a sigh of relief.

The Room were the exorcism took place was then sealed up and no one was granted access.

The Priest,s diary was left at the hospital and was later found in 1978 just before the building was destroyed.

The diary was the start of  a book Called Possessed The True Story Of An Exorcism. By Thomas B Allen and contains the complete account of what happened to the boy.

After reading the Book Author William Peter Blatty wrote the Exorcist.He wanted to verify the accounts in the book and what happened to Ronald and contacted father Bowdern ,who refused to help saying it would ruin the young man’s life.

The Book the Exorcist went on to be made into a film  of the same name, and is one of the very few Horror movie’s to have won a oscar for best writing and sound.

And as for Ronald Hunkeler (Doe) he went on to have a successful life and get married and have children.

Ronald Hunkeler (Doe)


Father Bowdern
Father William Bowdern



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