The Beast Of Barmston Drain

The Beast

In Hull, England, in May 2015 people began to report a large hairy beast near a water way called Barmston Drain.It Is said that when the beast stood up it was over 2.5 meters(8ft) tall.

One woman is said to have seen the creature jump across the water way and disappear into the grounds on the other side.

Another sighting was by a couple who saw the same creature eating what looked like a German Shepherd.When the beast noticed the couple it stood up the dead dog still in its mouth and jumped over a fence and ran into the night.

In August 2016, a Woman and two friends got a very close look at the Beast of Barmston Drain.They had been driving down a country lane when one pointed out what looked like a fox by the side of the road,the fox then stood up and walked towards the car.The creature was covered in gray fur and was bigger than the car they were in.As the creature got closer they saw it had a human face  and with that they drove off screaming into the night.

Barmston Drain
Barmston  Drain


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