Ouija Board

ouija board

The deadly board game was introduced by Elijah Bond  as a palour game in 1890 for Hasbro.The Ouija board or (Spirit Board) had symbols 0-9 and the words Yes or No and Goodbye written on it.It also comes with a planchette usually a heart shaped one, the players place their fingers on the planchette and ask the board question’s and wait to see it move round the board spelling out words.

It had no place in the Occult world or anything to do with the paranormal until an American Spiritualist Pearl Curran started using the board in World war 1,so that the public could get intouch with their deceased family members.

elijah bond
Elijah Bond

Some people believe and feel very strongly that the Ouija board can cause harm and put people in contact with evil spirits or demons.

After using the board you must always close the session by placing the planchette on goodbye so closing the portal so the spirits can no longer come through.

One of the very first cases of the automatic writing method used by the Ouija board was found in China in 1100 AD in historical documents going back to the Song Dynasty.

The Ouija board its thought to be ideometer response which means the unknown thought process causing the planchette to move even though you swear you were not moving it,but your mind causes you to do so.

There have been many cases and reports of people carrying out Murders and other crazy stuff and saying the ouija board made them do it.

My warning to you is never try this Game. But if you do be aware of what you could be dealing with and always remeber to close the session on Goodbye and pray nothing stays behind.





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