The strange case of the Dyatlov Pass Incident


In January 1959 ten students from the Ural State Technical University of Russia, decided to embark on a journey into the Ural Mountains of Russia.

Only one would survive the ill-fated trip.The the students were experienced Mountaineers and Hiker’s and we’re expected to reached their goal by February the 12.

One of the students (Yury Yudin)  got ill  and couldn’t go he would be the one who survived.

The Dyatlov members
The Dyaltov Pass Members

So Nine members of the team hiked into the woods and would never return.One of the risks of going into the wilderness right? .

But the terrifying scene that the search and rescue team found would lead to one of the most unexplained incidents to ever happen.

The rescue team found the tent,and on close inspection concluded it had been cut open from the inside and the tent still had food and warm clothes

The team then found five members of the party of Hikers  about of 1.6 km away from their tent,two were found face down by the remains of a camp fire and we’re found to have severely burned hands.The other three were found in 30 meters away trying to head back to their tent all five were found in some state of undress.

Some were barefoot some only in socks one student Rustem  Slobodin was found to have a small fracture in his skull but his death was ruled due to exposure not injury.

The other four students were found three months later.But this only made the story stranger as some were found wearing the clothes of the students found by the camp fire and suggest they took the clothes off their dead bodies to stay warm in the minus 30 degree weather and apparently fell into a ravine and died.  One of the students was found with a chest injury like he was hit by a car and another was found missing her tongue.


One of the Students found dead

The search and rescue team found out that all the dead students clothes where highly radioactive which was very puzzling being all the students were found out in the wilderness and miles from any town center.Also there were no signs on any of the bodies of a struggle or that any of them had died from animal attack such as wolf’s.

One of the students (Semon Zolotaryov), had apparently fled the tent with camera in hand and forgot most of this clothes what was he trying to capture and why was he in such a hurry.

Another student (Yuri Krivonischenko) had actually captured a blurry photo of something glowing before the fatal events took place.

So how did these students come to there deaths.Their are a lot of theories out there.

Such as they were attacked by someone or something.But the only foot prints that the rescuers found were that of the nine students no other footprints such as an animal or another human were found.

Another theory is that the students had a disagreement which turned violent and that led to fighting and their deaths.But the diary’s of the students showed no anger or disharmony between them so that theory was quickly ruled out.

Some nearby locals report seeing strange lights in the sky on the night of the incident which leads to many UFO theory’s.

Others believe they were killed by a new soviet secret weapon test which would explain the radiation.And would also explain why the investigation into what happened to the students closed so quickly.

So what really did happen to the nine students will we ever know what lead up to this bizarre mystery.

But be sure i will not be heading into those mountains anytime soon

Oh and by the way the place they all died translates into the (Mountain of Death).

Another one of the Dead Students






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