Okiku’s Well

Okiku's Well

The Okiku well lies in the grounds of Himeji Castle in Japan the castle dates back to 1333 and stands in the city of Himeji. Although the Castle and its grounds are very beautiful the Well its self-holds a very dark secret.

It is said the samurai Lord Aoyama Tessan had a young servant girl called Okiku working for him at the castle and all the advances he made on her she turned away.

Lord Aoyama grew tired of having his advances thrown back in his face so he decided to get his own back on the young servant girl.

Servant girlAoyama had ten golden plates that Okiku cleaned and stored every day.So one day he decided to hide one of the plates and ask her to find it she searched for days to find it but could only find nine. Every day the other servants would hear her counting up to nine but she could never find the tenth plate.

Aoyama then claimed that she had stolen the plate and had her murdered and then took her lifeless body and had it thrown down the well.

It is said that if you visit the well at night time Okiku rises from the well and you can hear a young girls voice counting up to nine but as it gets to ten a piercing scream fills the night sky.

Many believe Okiku turned into a vengeful spirit and tormented Aoyama until his death.

Whatever you believe or think about this story would you visit the well in the dead of night?.

himeji castle
Himeji Castle






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