The Russian Sleep Experiment

russian-sleep-experimentIn 1940 Russian researchers took five people and hid them away in a concealed bunker. Were the researcher’s mixed their oxygen intake with an experimental gas based stimulate and kept them awake for fifteen days?

This is the story of what happened to them. The five people were political prisoners during World War II and deemed enemies of the state.

To get them to agree to the experiment the researchers promised them freedom after 30 days if they did not sleep,

The bunker was completely sealed except for a few portholes. The Bunker only contained books dried food running water and some cots and also a toilet.

This was at a time where there were no CCTV cameras so the room was fitted with microphones.

After the first five days, the researchers thought everything was going fine the five test subjects were talking to each other about things that happened in their lives and were generally getting on fine.

After the five day mark, they started noticing changes in the subjects their conversations turning darker and even showing signs of paranoia. They then stopped talking to each other altogether and took to whispering into their microphones. The researchers took this to mean that this was a side effect due to the gas.


Some of the Subjects


After day nine the first of the subjects began to start running and screaming up and down the room, for 3 hours the subject kept this up until his screams turned in to whimpers. What concerned the researchers more was not the screams of the subject but how the others in the room reacted to it as they just carried on whispering into their microphones. But when another subject started to scream the two subjects that were left started to tear the books apart and cover the pages with their feces and proceed to cover up the porthole with the pages.

The screaming stopped and so did the whispering into the microphones shortly after.

Three days later after hearing nothing from inside the chamber the researchers turned on the intercom and told the subjects to move away from the door and lay on their cots as they were going to come in and if they did this it would lead to one being freed. To their surprise, they heard a voice over the intercom say “We no longer want to be free”.

After getting no more interaction the researchers decide to open up the chamber on the fifteenth day.

They flushed the gas out of the chamber and filled it with oxygen and as the researchers enter they could hear voices telling them to turn the gas back on.

They opened the chamber and soldiers went in that’s when the screaming started but not from the subjects but from the soldiers as the site that fell before them made them back away in fear.

Four of the five subjects were still alive the body of the fifth was on the floor in pieces. The soldiers found the food rations hardly touched and on closers inspection of the four remaining subjects they saw that their bodies from the rib cages down were torn open and flesh missing from the stomachs, arms, and legs, They had been feasting on themselves and the dead subject.

Some of the Russian soldiers refused to re-enter the chamber to remove the four remaining subjects but those that did found the subjects ready for a fight as one of the soldiers had his throat torn out and died another had his testicles ripped off and was gravely wounded.

Also one of the subjects died due to the injuries he suffered when trying to be removed from the chamber. The other three were restrained and taken to a medical facility.

One was taken away so they could operate on his injuries but died on the operating table. The other two were returned to the bunker and sealed in once again

The remaining two started screaming for the gas to be turned on.  They were told if they stopped screaming and helped the researchers the gas would be turned back on.

With that, the two subjects fell silent and the researchers entered the chamber and fixed the subjects up to EGG monitor’s as one was having his brainwaves looked at.

The one remaining subject who could speak started screaming to be sealed in the chamber.  A Russian soldier entered the chamber to help the researchers while a Russian commander gave the order for the chamber to be sealed with them all inside.

On hearing this one of the researchers grabbed the soldier’s gun and shot the soldier between the eyes then turned the gun on the mute subject and shot him dead.

He then turns the gun and points it at the only surviving subject while the other researchers flee the chamber. And screams at the subject ” I won’t be locked in here with these things! not with you ” WHAT ARE YOU” he shouts “I must Know”.

The subject raises his head and smiles.

“Have you forgotten already?” the subject asks “We are you.We are the madness that lurks within you all, we are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to your nocturnal haven where we cannot tread”.

With that, the researcher aimed at the heart of the subject and pulled the trigger.

The EGG flatlined and the subject choked out “so…..nearly…free”


Was this real or a hoax you’ll have to decide.



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