5 Haunted Pubs around London.

Ever fancied a drink in London well here’s 5 pubs famous for being Haunted.

No1: The Ten Bells Pub In Spitalfields 84 Commercial Street London E1 6LY


The pub was constructed in 1752 and was the centrepiece of the Jack the Ripper case. Which has made the pub famous but this is just one of the stories this pub has to tell. Not only has there been reports of the victims of Jack the Ripper haunting the pub.

But also one victorian Landlord a Goerge Roberts was murdered, he was hit in the head with an axe. And reports by staff say he terrorises the upper floors of the pub. Another report is a murder of a baby.Many mediums have visited the pub but refuse to enter the upper floors.

No2: The Grenadier Pub 18 Wilton Row Belgrave London SW1X 7N

the grenadier pub

Step inside what was once an Officers Mess and hear the story of poor Cedric a junior soldier. Who was bludgeoned to death by his comrades after he failed to pay off his gambling debts?

As you enter the pub you’ll see the ceiling of the pub covered in notes and dollar bills, As tourists and ghost hunters, try to help Cedric pay off his gambling debts.

So if you visit this pub please spare a thought for poor Cedric and leave a note on the ceiling.

No3: The Bow Bells 116 Bow Road, London E3 3AA


The mysterious case of the Phantom flusher yes flusher, not flasher. This phantom is said to haunt the ladies toilets.

Over the years reports of the toilets being, mysteriously flushed just as a bottom was perched on the seat. So far no wet pants material has been reported.

But in 1974 the Bow Bell staff decided enough was enough and held a seance in the ladies toilets. The Phantom flusher was asked to make it’s self-known and just as the person had finished asking the question a toilet door was seen closing by its self but closed with so much force that is broke one of the pub’s mirrors.

No4: The Viaduct Tavern 126 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AA


Many people visit this pub as it is said to be one of London’s original Gin Palaces. But the space below the pub was used as prison cells and reports suggest the former inmates have been giving the pub staff grief ever since.

In the early 90’s it claimed that one landlord reported cellar door slammed shut on him and the lights went out. He wasn’t freed until his wife heard his screams.

Its also been reported that two workmen while working upstairs claim to have seen a rolled up carpet floating in mid-air as if by magic.

No5: The Spaniard’s Inn, Spaniards Road, Hampstead London NW3 7JJ

Spaniards Inn

This Inn lies at the foot of Hampstead Heath and was a former coach inn.

The Inn has had its fair share of spooky goings-on. It is said that Dick Turpin haunts the front of the inn and was once a regular when he wasn’t forcing people to stand and deliver.

But the real haunting is of a Spaniard that lost his life in a duel and also a mysterious figure of a woman in white being seen in the beer garden wandering among the guests sitting at the tables.







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