The Smurl Haunting

The smurl HouseThe Smurl House located at 328 Chase Street West Pittston, Pennsylvania.
This Double blockhouse was surrounded by Claims of the Paranormal between 1974 to 1989.
This is the story of the Smurl family and the demon that terrorised them.

The Smurl family claim that it all started in 1974 and that a Demon had taken possession of their home.The family claimed they were kept awake by strange banging noises and having their mattress shook while they slept and a strange foul odour filled their house.

And that also their pet dog was picked up by an unseen force and thrown against a wall. The demon went as far as pushing one of the daughters downstairs and also assaulting their Father Jack both physically and sexually.

After many years of living with this Paranormal menace. The Smurl Family decided to bring in some Demonologists (Ed and Lorraine Warren) the Husband and Wife duo grew famous when they investigated the Amityville Horror sometime later.


The smurl Family
The Smurl Family

The intervention of the Warrens brought media attention to the Smurl House. And Ed Warren claimed that the demon that they faced while trying to cleanse the house was very strong.

Ed and Lorraine used Religous music and Prayers while cleansing the house of the Demon but as the music was playing pictures on the wall would be thrown across the room and also mirrors where smashed by an unseen force.

The Investigators even had an audio tape of strange bangings and tapping coming from inside the house and Ed even witnessed a black mass moving across the living room floor. And there was a report that the Demon left a message on a mirror telling them all to “get out”.

After the cleansing of the house, things grew quiet but the Smurl family still claimed to hear strange knockings and still saw the black mass in the House.

The Demonic Activity has lead to a paperback book called The Haunted 1989 and also a made for tv film with the same name in 1991 by 20th Century Fox.






One thought on “The Smurl Haunting

  1. This was quite the case. They I believe they said the entity followed them when they finally moved? Something like that. It went on for years. Thanks for posting!!


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