The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man

The artist of this infamous painting is said to have used his own blood as part of the pigment for the painting then after painting the piece committed suicide. To this day nobody knows who the painter was.

The Painting is now owned by Sean Robinson who got the painting from his Grandmother.

Sean can recall his Grandmother telling him that the painting was evil and she had kept the painting in her attic after hearing strange noises and crying coming from the painting as it hung on her wall at night. Also, she claims to have seen a black mass in her house ever since she took the painting home.

It had been put in his Grandmothers attic after these strange events and that’s where it stayed for over twenty-five years. Until Sean took the painting home.

Shortly after hanging the painting in his home Sean’s wife started seeing a black figure walking about there home and also crying in the middle of the night in the room where the painting was hung.

The events took on a more sinister turn when Sean’s wife said she was having her pulled by unseen forces and also that their son was pushed down the stairs.

Sean decided to put a video camera in the room where the picture hung to see if he could catch anything Paranormal happening. The results of these videos can be seen on youtube and the last video was posted in 2011.

Yet the authenticity of these videos is yet to be proven.


2 thoughts on “The Anguished Man

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of things becoming “cursed” or “possessed.”
    “The Hands Resist Him” is one of the most terrifying paintings I’ve read about. The artist himself said he had no idea why his painting was exhibiting supernatural phenomena.


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