North American Skin Walker

skinwalkerThe Navajo SkinWalker Legend is one of the most horrifying and scary stories in the history of the Navajo People.

The term yee naaldooshii translates into “with it, he or she goes on all fours”.

According to Navajo legends, the Skinwalker is a medicine man or witch that has achieved high states of a priesthood and uses his or her powers for evil by changing into an animal to inflict pain and suffering on others.

According to the legends these skinwalkers are known to change into a coyote, fox an owl or crow and even a wolf. but can actually change into any animal they want.

To become a skinwalker you must commit the evilest of deeds like killing a family member which gives them the supernatural power to achieve the change into an animal.


The Skinwalker Changing
The Changing of the Skinwalker

The Navajo people talk of their encounters with the Skinwalker and say that they will try to inflict harm by knocking on your windows or doors.

Others report seeing strange animal-like figures looking at them through their windows.Those that track a skinwalker and learn their true identity must pronounce the evil ones full name. Once this is done the skinwalker will fall ill and die for all the wrongs they have inflicted on others.

It is believed that because skinwalkers wear the pelts of the animals they transform into, It is taboo to wear any animal pelt. In fact, the Navajo only wear the pelts of sheep and buckskin and only for ceremonial purposes.






One thought on “North American Skin Walker

  1. Definitely a terrifying creature. I’ve never been to the Navajo Nation nor encountered one, but the stories I’ve read about people’s encounters with Skinwalkers chills me to the bone. I can’t imagine having that much hate and blackness in my heart that would make me want to become a monster

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