The Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery

black-angelThe Black Angel statue is 8.5ft tall and was built by Mario Korbel.
And is located on the north side of Iowa City.
The statue was built as a monument for the Feldevert Family. And is shrouded in Mystery and Paranormal Activity.

The statue even though made from bronze has turned black over the years and is even turning darker and darker which adds to the creepy effect of this statue and has lead many  Ghost seekers to this cemetery.

Many people claim that the statue has turned black due to the evil activity of the Feldevert Family especially Teresa Feldevert who they claim was a mysterious woman and that all her sins have turned the statue black.

If you take a closer look at the statue you will see it’s not your typical Angel Statue as the Angel in the Oakland Cemetery is looking down not up to Heaven and also the wings are not uplifted as if to help your ascent into Heaven More helping your descent into Hell.

Also, there is no Death date for Teresa Feldevert on the monument which is strange in its self.


The Black Angel Oakland Cemetery



The people of Iowa claim that if a girl kissed the Angel’s feet in the moonlight she would die 6 months later. Others claim that touching the Angel on Halloween night would lead to your death in seven years time.

But if you kissed the Angel on the mouth this would cause your heart to stop.

Other reports say that the Angel was hit by lighting on the evening of Teresa’s death causing the Angel to turn black.

Whatever the case of the Black Angel if its real or fake would you kiss the Angel?,_Iowa)




4 thoughts on “The Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery

  1. I live in Iowa, and I’ve heard about this place. I must go!
    And no, I definitely would not kiss the angel. Whether it’s true or not, I’m not taking my chances. 🙂


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