The Wessex Werewolf

85362051In 2007 a CCTV Camera on the A338 Wessex Way in Bournemouth Dorset caught what looks like a strange Dog like Creature crossing the Road.

It runs out jumps over the central barrier of the road in front of a car then disappears off camera.

What is strange about this video is that it was taken in 2007 and only uploaded to youtube a few years later but nobody knows who uploaded it.

Was it someone who had access to the CCTV footage and wanted to share what he or she had found and was afraid to lose his or her job.

It has also been claimed that the footage is fake and the image has been edited as if the creature has been added to the video because if you look closely the creature casts no shadow in the headlights of the oncoming car, also if it was a mysterious creature why didn’t the oncoming car slow down or pull over to the hard shoulder.

Its as if the driver of the car is used to seeing this or has seen this before. So doesn’t slow down.

So could this be just a deer crossing the road, or a great Dane dog as some people say it is?.

Or could it actually be the Beast Of Barmston Drain who has found another dwelling and has outgrown his old home?.

Whatever it is that has been captured still remains a mystery today.


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