The Medium Doris Stokes


Born  on the 6 of January Doris Sutton (Doris May Fisher Stokes) was a British Spiritualist and Professional Medium.

Her public performances  and tv appearances made her a household name in Britain. But could she actually communicate with the dead or was she A fake?.

Born in Grantham Lincolnshire she claimed to be able to see the spirits of those that have passed on and hear them speaking to her. And later when her son died and she joined a Spiritualist Church she claimed her she developed her abilities further.

She was recognised as a Clairaudient (The ability to clearly hear those in spirit) by the Spiritualists national Union in 1949.

Doris first came into the public eye when she attended the Don Lane Show in 1978 while visiting Australia. She filled out the Sydney Opera House on three occasions and she was also the first medium to appear at the London Palladium and reports say the tickets sold out in the first two hours of going on release.

In 1980  her autobiography (Voices In my ear) pulled her further into the spotlight and the book sold two million copies. Even television personalities such as (Eamonn Holmes and Dale Winton) came out and gave her positive testimonials.

But while this was all happening Doris Stokes was condemned by the Church of England which objected to spirit communication as an offense to God.

Doris stokes died on the 8 th of May 1987 in Lewisham,London after having an operation to have a brain tumour removed during the operation she did not regain consciousness. Throughout her life she had many battles with cancer which lead to over thirteen operations and when she passed it is believed she left just over £15.000 pounds.

After her death many people accused her of using many forms of deception such as cold reading,eaves dropping, and even planting people in the audience.

During one of her shows at the London Palladium Doris had received messages from spirits from four different families and seemed to give correct information to all four familes. But after the show the four families were questioned and stated that Doris had invited them all to her show. And even the manager of the Palladium said that Doris booked the first three rows of her show for her own use.

I think the supporters of Doris far out way the doubters and sceptics but, we will never know if it was all a set up as she’s not able to answer the many questions people have about her and her shows.

Perhaps if there is a Medium out there they could contact Doris and get her to answer.

If you ever feel like going to see a medium at a show please go with an open mind but, watch what you say in the bar before the show and in the interval as you never know if people have been planted in the bar as this is the ideal place to pick up information about peoples passed loved ones.

I suggest you first go to see a medium on a one to one basis before seeing a show.





















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