The Well to Hell

portals-other-dimensions-gates-of-hell-real-locations-on-earth-cover-2The Well To Hell is a bore hole that was drilled in 1989 in Siberia.
The bore hole it 14.5 kilometers down and was so deep it was reported to have broken through to Hell.

It was first reported in 1989 on the United States TV channel “Trinity Broadcasting Company”and  from then on the story has become an Urban Legend.

According to reports a Russian team of scientists drilled the hole and it broke in to a massive cavity in the earth’s crust as the temperature grew to over 1000 degrees Celsius the drill they were using started melting so they removed it from the hole.

As the scientists inspected the damage to the drill they went over the sound recordings of the equipment and what they heard chilled them to the bone.

Reports claim that the recording only lasted for 17 seconds and on it can be heard the screams of people. Could it be the screams of lost souls burning in Hell?.

Many of the scientists fled their jobs immediately on hearing the screams on the recording.

To this day you can still find different stories of this Urban Legend on the internet and you tube  but remember this. Every Urban Legend or bit of Folklore has to have some basis in truth.





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