sixThe term Sigil comes from the Latin Sigillum meaning “seal” and can be related to the Hebrew word Segula meaning word, action, or item of spiritual effect, a talisman.

In medieval ceremonial magic, the term Sigil would refer to occult signs for Angels and Demons and these signs or seals would help the magician summon one of those.

Many Sigils were written down in books called grimoires they were like a magicians training book. One of the well-known lists of Sigils is The Lesser Key Of Solomon, in which the 72 Princes of the hierarchy of Hell were given up for the magicians use and using these Sigils would give the magician some power over these Demons.

Today many people use these different Sigils for many things such as Protection, Wealth,  but don’t think that using a Sigil for wealth will bring you loads of money or its a get rich quick scheme as that’s not how these Sigils work they are also used for, Good health, Love and Romance, and to ward off bad spirits.

You might find a Sigil on a house especially the windows or door of that house for protection so no bad spirits can enter. Also, many people carry a drawn Sigil on a piece of paper in their coat pockets or somewhere on their person also for protection.

The power of a Sigil comes from the mind and giving the Sigil the power to do what your mind wants most.

From the moment you pick up a pencil or pen to draw a Sigil, you have to think of the one thing you want to use it for, clear your mind of any other thoughts. And transfer the energy of your mind to the Sigil.

There is a very good book called “Sigils of Power and transformation 111 Magick Sigils to change and control your life” By Author Adam Blackthorne. A must read as I have this in my collection and have used many of the Sigils in the book.

Adam Talks you through how to use your mind when creating a Sigil and how they work best and this book is a great beginning to the world of Sigils.


Sigils of Power
Sigils of Power


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