The Angel of 9/11

angel_911_2_NBIf you ever get the chance to New York and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at ground zero.

You will see a mangled girder from the exact spot the first plane hit into the Twin Towers at 8.46 am 2001.

This in its self is a Horrific thing to witness as you take note of what force and heat would have caused this steel girder to bend buckle and twist.

But as you begin to take a closer look at the twisted bit of metal you’ll see staring out at you as if in a silent scream a face of a woman.

Meet the Angel of 9/11 the chilling apparition was spotted by construction workers who were adding the finishing touches to the Memorial and Museum.


Museum at 9/11 Building
The Angel of 9/11


Many of the construction workers working on the exhibit who witnessed seeing this haunting face looking back at them were too scared to work anywhere near it.

One construction worker told a reporter ” It sent people running wild and nobody is allowed near it and it just appeared from nowhere”.

Could it just be a trick of the light or actually the last moments, the silent scream caught in this twisted piece of metal of one of the victims of 9/11 looking out over Ground Zero making sure we never forgot what happened.




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