Three American Urban Legends of the Crybaby Bridges

images (1)CryBaby Bridge is a name given to bridges in the United States often involved in an Urban Legend were you can often hear a baby crying or see a young ghostly child.

Here is a list of some of the Bridges in the United States and the Urban Legends behind them.



Blackstone Virginia The Crybaby Bridge of Black Stone Virginia.

Some of the Legends surrounding this bridge differ but the reports say that some children died on the bridge by accident or by murder nobody really knows. But if you walk the bridge at night you can hear the cries of the children and also a mysterious woman has been seen walking in the woods late at night perhaps in search of her children.

Also, some people have said if you walk along the bridge at night you can hear footsteps behind you and many feel an evil presence behind them and are afraid to turn around.

It is also alleged that if you stop a car on the bridge and sprinkle baby powder over the Hood or bonnet you can see a child’s footprints begin to appear.


screaming-bridge-5The Screaming Bridge of Maud Hughes Road.

Maud Hughes Road is located in Liberty Township-Butler County Ohio.

The bridge has been the site of many terrible accidents and unexplained deaths.

Ghostly figures have been seen and strange mists and lights have been caught on camera on the bridge and below on the railway tracks that run underneath. as well as a phantom train and a black hooded figure.

36 people have been reported to have died around the area of the bridge and on it. The Legend goes that a car carrying a man and a woman stalled on top of the bridge and the man gets out to see if he can fix the car. When the man returns after fixing the car he finds the girl hanging from the bridge over the train tracks the man is then found dead on the bridge in unexplained circumstances.

Reports say you can hear ghostly conversations on the bridge then a woman screaming followed by a mans scream.


crybabybridge 021Crybaby Bridge Eygpt Road Salem Ohio.

Legend says that you can hear a crying baby if you walk along the bridge at night.

The baby accidentally fell into the river below and drowned.

There is also reports of a cult of some sort in the woods and in 2010 there was a murder of an elderly lady who was found strangled and burned to death by the edge of the bridge.

If you listen closely you can hear a baby crying and a woman’s screams.

In Illinois, there are many Crybaby bridges and one urban legend is of a group of teenagers driving home late at night and they knock over a fisherman and kill him. The kids were from Alpha IL now does this sound familiar?. Was this legend the source of the film Urban Legend in 1998.

Whatever the case would you walk along any of these bridges in the middle of the night?



4 thoughts on “Three American Urban Legends of the Crybaby Bridges

  1. The bridge where you hear the children why would you let them be there take a priest and every for them there innocent so god will allow them in heaven tell them to go to the light there scared and help!


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