Are You An Empath

01Do you ever feel that when you are talking to someone about their problems or health issues your emotions become heightened and you become very sensitive and sometimes you take on the physical symptoms of the person you’re talking with ?. For example if the person you are talking to is angry you might find yourself becoming angry for no reason at all you start taking on that persons traits or emotions.

Or Just walking into a busy room you feel as though you can hear everyone talking and the noise sometimes is overwhelming?.

In this article you will find 10 traits that mean you could be an empath.

1: Empaths are highly sensitive.

Empaths are very good listeners they will always be there for you if you want someone with a very good heart you wont find anyone better. Empaths sometimes become to sensitive and can easily get their feelings hurt.

2: Empaths have highly tuned senses.

An Empaths nerves might get frayed by  noise or a strong smell or with excessive talking.

3: Empaths feel at peace and get their energy replenished by being around nature they can take on everything around. When walking through a forest or by a lake or ocean this helps them release the burden of everyday life.

4: Empaths are big targets for energy vampires.

Because empaths are highly sensitive this makes them great targets for energy vampires those who portray fear or anger may sap the energy of the empath because they will take the good energy from the empath which drains them they begin to take on the traits of  the energy vampire they become depressed have no energy, they feel unloved, and unworthy.

One of the biggest and most dangerous energy vampires is the narcissist they lack empathy and are only concerned with themselves. Empaths should stay well away from these energy sappers.

5: Empaths need time alone.

As empaths  they find being around people very draining so they need time away by themselves even a brief time alone can recharge the batteries and prevents emotional overload.

6: Empaths are highly intuitive.

Empaths take on the world by using their intuition. So it is important that they learn and develope their intuition and listen to their gut feelings about people. This will only help the empath find a positive relationship and help them avoid that energy vampire.

7: Empaths can become overwhelmed in an intimate relationship.

Empaths deep down feel that when they are in a relationship they will lose their identity and they may feel engulfed by too much togetherness so they tend to stay away from relatioships.

8: Empaths are introverted.

Empaths can become overwhelmed in crowds which heightens their empathy they tend to prefer one to one contact or small groups rather than large crowds.

9: Empaths absorb other peoples emotions.

Empaths are highly tuned to other peoples moods and emotions it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. They feel everything if they are around peace they take this on and flourish in its energy if they are around anger or anxiety they also take this on and become exhausted and emotionally tired.

10: Empaths have big hearts.

Empaths will always try to relieve the pain of others but sometimes they can take the other persons pain and this becomes too much for them  they become upset,tired,and show signs of lack of energy.

Being an empath myself I have learned to put up mental barriers when i feel overwhelmed with emotions or that im being drained of energy.

Also being an empath and trying to explain to someone how you feel or explain how sensitive you are to different things can be very hard. And you may get the look of disbelief as I have from so many people. But all I can say is if any of these traits ring true with you go with it its a gift learn how to control your feelings and emotions so you do not become so overwhelmed when talking to people or trying to help them.




11 thoughts on “Are You An Empath

      1. Yes I am and if you are struggling you need to learn how to close your mind off and you need to always recharge your energy. Think with your mind’s eye that you’re raising an imaginary barrier anytime you feel somebody is using up your engery.
        I hope this helps?


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