Schizophrenia or Possession


Schizophrenia can hit anyone from any walk of life including anyone from a deeply religious back ground or family.

Symptoms of schizophrenia range from hearing voices, having Hallucinations,and delusions.

Symptoms of Possession are very similar and can range from hearing voices, and hallucinations, but also people can lose control of their bodies and can feel like somebody else has control.

So what are your beliefs would you take schizophrenia over possession?.

What if you came from a deeply religious back ground would you seek advice from your Priest first over a Doctor?.

The concept of Heaven and Hell and devils is part of Catholicism and the New Testament mentions demons over a hundred times one example is Matthew 10.1.

Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.

The Bible itself makes a distinction between disease and possession in Mark 16.13.

And they were casting out many demons. and they were anointing many sick ones with oil and curing them .

So is this symbolic the oil being Gods spirit or power or does it actual mean they were  using a medical oil to treat diseases. So Christian theology should recognize the difference.

Whether you believe in Possession or not the Symptoms of Schizophrenia and possession are very similar. Here are a few factors that differentiate between the two.

1: Irrational speech vs Rational speech. In the new Testament the passages involving demons say the demons spoke in a rational manner. People with schizophrenia if untreated will speak nonsense or sound irrational they jump from subject to subject.

2: Attraction to vs Aversion to Religion. Demons want nothing to do with Religion but people with schizophrenia can become devoutly religious.

3: The claim to be possessed authors who have experience with both demon possession and schizophrenia. Believe those who claim to be possessed are not. As demons like to be secretive and like to hide that they are present.

4: Effects of therapy if prayers resolve the problem then it’s not schizophrenia if medicine helps relieve the symptoms then it’s not demon possession.

Think of all the reported cases of Possession and how they have been dealt with you will not find many cases were they actually sort the help from a doctor. Even when some of the cases the person who showed signs of being possessed has died.

Would going to a Doctor help save that person?.



3 thoughts on “Schizophrenia or Possession

    1. Yes, they are two very different things but how do you determine which one is what and what direction you would go to seek help especially if you’re from a very religious background.
      This article was written to get people opinions on the subject so its great people are actually commenting so thank you


  1. My son is forty-one and was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was a senior in high school at age eighteen. Additionally I have been, periodically, a board member NAMI New Mexico and teach a 12 week class entitled Family to Family. I am on a panel that presents regularly to train and edify various Law Enforcement agencies.

    I am a born-again Christian (BAC) but have pretty much stopped “practicing” or attending any services for a number of reasons. We have friends who are also BAC’s and they along with a pastor friend suggested that my son was demon possessed. Trying to educate people like that proved fruitless. I eventually decided that this along with the general hypocrisy which is rampant in a minority of BAC’s has pretty much spoiled it for the rest, myself included. I am no longer angry or bitter but resigned to the reality that that will not change soon.

    I am interested in this and other information pertaining to the stigma of mental illness. I have a nondescript poetry blog at present but will soon be starting another blog having to do with mental illness and using poetry to try and keep things moving.

    Thanks for posting!


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