The Black Cat of KillaKee Ireland

black-cat-2560x1920-scary-yellow-eyes-dark-background-945If you ever visit Ireland you will find a beautiful country steeped in mythology and folklore from the common Leprechaun and Fairies to the Banshee and the Sluagh.

The Killakee House in Dublin gives life to one of these Legends.

Many large houses in the Dublin area have cats roaming around the grounds, hunting rats and doing whatever it is cats do all day. The Killakee House in Dublin had its own cat stalking the grounds but with one difference this cat was supernatural if it was an animal at all.

The Black Cat of Killakee is an old, creature of Irish folklore that has reportedly been sighted in the area for centuries. However, its legend really came to life in 1968, when a young couple bought the Killakee House and started renovating it. The hired workers soon reported strange noises and spooky events, the workers told the owners of the house of a huge black cat with glowing demon eyes that was haunting them. The animal appeared and vanished in the blink of an eye and scared the workers greatly. The lady of the house first thought the workmen were merely being frightened over nothing, but soon, she and her husband started encountering the huge black creature as well. The Black Cat appeared in hallways and areas with clearly locked doors, staring and snarling at frightened witnesses.

Before long, the couple contacted the church and an exorcism was performed in the house. This took care of the cat—at least, for a few months. Then an unwitting group of actors held a seance in the house and not only brought the Black Cat back but also caused the house to be haunted by a pair of ghostly nuns.

A medium claims that the two nuns took part in satanic rituals and were part of the notorious Hell Fire Club


Killakee House,
Killakee House





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