Rusalka (Water Nymph)

b156650255e5509fa4b81f18e8fae4e8In Russian mythology, the Rusalka were young beautiful naked women who lived in the rivers and lakes who emerged to give the fields moisture so farmers crops would grow and give life to the earth.

Although descriptions of these water nymphs tell of a mermaid-like creature this was not the case as the Rusalka were female water spirits that when they were human took their own lives by drowning often when they had lost a child or loved one.

As the years passed the legends went from beautiful young women to horrible hags, to zombie-like creatures who lured people to their deaths.

Also, these unearthly spirits would rise up from their watery graves and walk the earth to take revenge for a female who was murdered and their bodies were thrown into the rivers or lakes.

The Rusalka was said to be at there most dangerous during Rusalka week which was in the early part of June and swimming was forbidden in any lakes or rivers. As People believed that the water nymphs would take the lives of anyone they caught in the water.

So beware these naked nymphs if your ever in Russia and you fancy a dip in one of the lakes you never know if the Rusalka will be waiting for you.


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