Angel Feather’s and their Meanings

Screen-shot-2011-10-08-at-3.42.30-PMHave you lost a loved one and been out somewhere  for example you could be sitting on a train or taking a walk in your local park and you start thinking about that person that has passed away then you suddenly find by your feet or next to you a white feather?

Well if this has happened to you did you know that some might say  this is a message from an Angel telling us that our loved ones are fine and they are near us.

But did you know that there are different coloured Angel feathers and that the different colours mean different things.

Here is a list of the coloured feathers along with their meanings.

1:  The White feather is the most common and  are a symbol of purity. These feathers are considered a sign that our loved ones have crossed over and are watching over us.

The white  Feather also is a symbol of Faith and protection and its telling us that we are protected and our loved ones are around us.

2: The Pink Feather is a reminder of unconditional love and is telling you that all things are possible when you are tuned into the energy of love.

If you’re having trouble in your love life and have asked some serious questions about this. If a pink feather falls in your path this means your questions have been answered.

If you find yourself going through a hard time and a pink feather crosses your path this is a sign that the hard time is at an end.

3: The Orange Feather delivers a message of creativity and that you should listen to your inner voice as this will lead you to success.

Orange is also for emotional healing and nurturing and it also heals our sexual energy. If you find an Orange feather by your feet its telling you to embrace life go out and have fun.

Also it could mean if you have been suffering from a digestive aliment such as kidney stones or been suffering from an illness related to your reproductive organs seeing an orange feather means this illness is coming to an end.

4: The Red Feather signifies unlimited powerful life force energy, vitality, stability, strength, passion, power and courage. It is also a wealth colour and signifies money and prosperity.

If you have asked about your health, then a red feather is an excellent sign of healing, especially in illness’s relating to blood disorders, and circulatory problems. Red is a sign for rejuvenation of your energy and strength or any other physical energy depleted illnesses.

Red reminds you to trust that your  needs are being met. Red feathers reinforce that you are on the right path and let you know that you are going the right way.  Red Feathers that are magenta or a deep pink-red they are usually a sign of passion, romance, affection, and deep personal relationships.

5: The Blue Feather brings a peaceful  and calming energy. And is often a reminder to listen careful or to speak your truth, clearly and lovingly.

If you are on a path of self discovery  and speaking your truth, then a blue feather says Yes and is like getting a big thumbs up from the Universe. It means you are on the right path of  empowerment, and are making some important life choices right now. If you have a choice to make, then a blue feather is a sign it is time to make that choice.

6: The Yellow Feather  often a reminder to be cheerful and light-hearted, it is also telling you to  go with your ideas let them flow and any ideas you have will be a success.

A yellow feather is also a sign to purify toxins from your body. This is the fastest path in your healing journey, particularly if you have illnesses such as diabetes, IBS or another bowel/intestinal illness, it can even help some of the mental challenges like depression.

7: The Green Feather  signifies  money, a fruitful opportunity, as well as vibrant well-being, health, and love. It is a colour of harmony, tranquility, love, balance and nurturing. It is a sign that you must release negativity from your mind and stimulate ideas It is a sign of cleansing and healing.

A green feather is a great sign for letting you know that action is now required and what you are doing is making life easier right now.

8: The Grey Feather is a call to return to peace. Gray is alsoa neutral colour, and can be a sign that the answer to your question is not yes/no or black/white. It is time to go within and find your centre and tap into the void to help you to refocus and find the answers that you seek. It is the colour that helps you go in-between and see more than meets the eye.

When the information you need is about the mental or emotional world, a grey feather is telling you there is an alternative point of view you may not have seen yet.

If it has a silvery tone to the grey then it is a sign to be persistent. Keep moving forward with intention and resolve. Keep yourself a bit grounded and know that you are protected by your passed loved ones.

9:The Brown or Black Feathers. The Brown signify grounding, home life, and stability. Brown shows you there is an energy of respect, grounded to nature and the earth, and balance between the physical world and the world of the spiritual. It signifies the importance of connecting with the earth and the now or the present moment. It also serves as a reminder of setting healthy boundaries. Keeping a balanced perspective and reviving your energy and creativity are reminders a brown feather brings.

Black Feathers are a reminder of the protection by your loved ones, and a signal that spiritual wisdom and magic are accessible by you so go within. You need a break from the world. A personal retreat would be beneficial at this time as there is much to gain in solitude by design. Black Feathers send a message of reassurance you are not alone when you experience a dark night of the soul. It reminds you to discover the rich gifts that have been buried deep inside you.

10: The Purple Feather  carries a message of deep spirituality, transmutation, as well as the opening of psychic and spiritual sight. You are on the right spiritual path and continue on with your studies. It is an unusual colour to find in a feather so this is a sign that is meant for you and you are rewarded for noticing it.

Purple feathers are about the connection between body, mind, and soul. It is time to sharpen your connections or learn to use them more so that they become a habit and part of your everyday. Your intuitive abilities are awakening and it is time to hone your skills. When you are in charge of your 6th senses, you will find that you can look past the surface and connect to the divine nature within.

If it is time to release a negative pattern, thoughts and feelings, then a purple feather is telling you that once this process is complete, you will feel clarity, peace, and gratitude, so let’s get on with it.

Coloured Angel Feathers and their meanings





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