Pazuzu The Truth Behind the Demon

PazuzuDemonAssyria1stMillenniumBCEThe 1973 film the Exorcist features a demon called Pazuzu who in the movie possesses Regan McNeil the young girl.

Did you ever think that this demon was really real well here’s a few facts about Pazuzu the demon of the wind?

In Ancient Mesopotamian Religion (Ancient Greek Religion) Pazuzu was the King of the demons of the wind also the bringer of storms and drought. He was the brother of Humbaba and son of the god Hanbi.

In Early mythology, Pazuzu is the demon of the southern wind and in the dry seasons brings famine and in the wet season brings locusts.

Even though Pazuzu is considered an evil spirit he was known to drive off other evil spirits such as the evil spirit Lamashtu who was the demon bearer of sickness especially to women in childbirth.

Pazuzu was believed to protect these women in childbirth and many of the women used to wear amulets with the figure of Pazuzu on them for protection.

Pazuzu even though he looked like he had a figure of a human, in fact, he had the body of a scorpion feathered wings with legs and talons and a lion-like face on the front and the back.

Pazuzu is just one of many demons or evil spirits and I will be writing more about these evil spirits some of them are pretty scary so if you’re interested in Demonology I hope you’ll follow my blog?


Captain Howdy or Pazuzu from the Exorcist




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