The cursed ring of Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino 8ARudolph Valentino was known as the Latin Lover and was a sex symbol and film star of the silent film era.

Valentino was born in 1895 in Italy and shortly after his 18th birthday left to find fame and fortune in New York.

He caught the eye of a screenwriter June Mathis and she gave him a part in the film The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse which was a total success and was one of the very first movies to earn over a Million dollars.

He also starred in the Sheik which was the movie that brought him to the heights of movie stardom.

While taking a break from filming Valentino took a short trip to San Francisco where he bought a ring in a jewellery store even though the store owner declared the ring to be cursed this just made Valentino want it more.

He wore the ring on his next movie the Young Rajh which was a total flop and the only flop of his career. The film was thought to be lost but in 2005 they found some fragments of the movie but that’s all that exists of the movie.


Valentino’s Cursed Ring

Valentino decided to put the ring away and for two years never made another movie until he started filming the Son Of The Sheik. On the night of the premiere, he decides to wear the ring and collapses in the Hotel Ambassador in New York shortly after putting it on.

initially diagnosed with appendicitis it was discovered too late that he had perforated ulcers which mimic appendicitis and now the condition is called (“Valentino’s Syndrome”). at first, doctors thought he would pull through but Valentino’s condition took a turn for the worse and an infection set in and on August 23 he died aged 31.


His death caused mass hysteria among his film fans and it is believed that 100.000 fans filled the streets outside the funeral home where the body lay.

Now you may think that would be the end of the cursed ring well you’d be wrong as his lover Palo  Negri was given the ring and almost immediately after fell gravely ill she did survive and a few years later met Russ Colombo another actor who was said to be Valentino’s double.

Negri gave  Colombo the ring and a few days later while with a friend was mysteriously shot and killed by that friend.

The ring went next to Colombo’s best friend Joe Casino who locked the ring away but after a few years decided to wear the ring and a few days later was hit and killed by a truck.

Casino’s brother del took hold of the ring and wore it with no problems. But then Del’s home was robbed and among the stolen goods was Valentino’s ring. The thief’s name was James Willis he was shot and killed by a policeman who swore the shot was meant as a warning.

There have been a few more strange deaths of people who have come in to contact with the ring but after it was locked away in a vault the ring people are now saying its been misplaced and no longer know of its whereabouts.

But this is not the end of the Valentino story as it is said that Valentino’s ghost haunts a few locations one of these locations was His Beverley Hill’s Home called Falcon Lair many psychics claim that his ghost is searching for his ring and was sometimes seen walking the hallways of his house at night or his ghost was seen looking vaguely out of one of the windows.

His ghost has also been seen at the Paramount Studios even though Valentino never worked there. And he has also been seen at Franks Grill In Hollywood.

The mystery still does not end there as every year a woman dressed in black on the anniversary of his death leaves a single red rose on his crypt. This all started soon after his death but was later found out to be a publicity stunt which has stuck as to this day a woman in black is seen at the crypt of Valentino on the anniversary of his death leaving a single red rose.

If this is not enough mystery Valentino’s dog Kabar is said to haunt the LA  Pet Cemetery in Calabasas  California.…/the-cursed-ring-of-valentino-unexplained




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