5 Of The Most famous Ghost Photographs Ever Taken.

The Paranormal, Supernatural, and Ghosts these  three topics have always been debated and many ask do they really exist?

Many people have reported seeing a ghost but without great proof and these reports are often disregarded. Now if these reports are back up with a photo of the supposed ghost this would help but are all photos real or have some been faked.

Here you will find 5 famous photographs of ghosts, real or fake you decide.

William Mumbler 1860’s

Robert Bonner supposedly with the spirit of his dead wife 1872

William Mumbler born 1832 died 1884 he was an American jewellery engraver in Boston he practised amateur photographer in his spare time.

In the early 1860’s he developed a photo of  himself a self portrait and found that it showed what appeared to be the apparition of his dead cousin who had been dead for the past twelve years. This is widely known as the first spirit photograph ever taken.

One of Mumbler’s most famous spirit photo’s was of Mary Todd Lincoln and showed the spirit of her late husband Abraham Lincoln see photo below.

Mary Todd Lincoln with the spirit of her dead husband Abraham Lincoln

Wem Town Hall Ghost

wem ghost

Wem Town Hall is in a small market town of Wem In Shropshire and was erected in 1905.

In  November 1995 a fire took hold of the building and completely destroyed it. But while the fire was raging a man called Tony O’Rahilly was walking passed the building and took a photo of the blaze. When the photo was developed the next day Tony discovered a small girl standing in the doorway of the burning building.

O’Rahilly sent the photo for analysis to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena or (ASSAP) for short which determined that the ghostly figure of the girl was caused by a burning log that had fallen in to the doorway. ASSAP decided to past the photo on to The Royal Photographic Society which determined the photo to be genuine.

While the photo was being passed around the villagers of Wem said that the ghostly child was that of Jane Churn a young girl that was accused of starting a fire in 1677 in the same town.

In 2010 five years after the death of the photographer a local resident claimed that the mystery had been solved saying that the image of the girl was showed similarity to a postcard of a girl who appeared in the Shropshire Star their local news Paper. And that the photo of the ghostly girl had been doctored.

The Back Seat Ghost


back seat

In 1959 A Mrs Mabel Chinnery was visiting the grave of her mother. She had taken along her camera as she wanted some photo’s of the head stone. So  Mrs Chinnery started taking a few photographs then turned to take a photo of her husband who was waiting in the car for her.

When they got the photo’s developed they came across the photo of her husband sitting in the car and noticed somebody  in glasses sitting on the back seat Mrs Chinnery immediatly knew who that person was and said it was the spirit of her dead mother.

Mrs Chinnery and her husband decided to send the photograph away to an expert who claimed that the photograph could not be a double exposure or a light effect on the photo and stated his reputation on the photo being real.

Madonna Of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery


The above photo was taken in 1991 during an investigation of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Which is near Chicago by the Ghost Research Society.

The Cemetery is said to be one of thee most haunted in America with over a hundred reports of ghostly sightings and phenomena.

And while The Ghost Research Society where there a team member a Mari Huff took a series of photo’s and captured what looks like a women sitting on a headstone. Mari Huff claims that the cemetery was empty at the time so how could this women be in the photo?

If you look closely at the photo you will see that some parts of the women look transparent and also her clothes do not match the period of 1991.

To me the figure looks sad is the spirit wondering what has happened to her and why is she there or is the spirit visiting a loved one?

Other reports tell of a hooded monk walking inbetween the headstones and also a glowing yellow man.

Newby Church Ghost 1963

newbury church

The Newby Monk or the spectre of Newby Church is the name given to a photograph taken by the Reverend K.F.Lord. The phoptograph was taken in 1963 in the Church of Christ the Conselor on the grounds of Newby Hall in North Yorkshire.

It appears to be the image of a human and some say it resembles a Monk wearing a white shroud over his face could this be to cover some illness or disease like leprosy and the figure seems be about nine feet tall.

Some experts have looked over the photo and said they believe it to be real while other experts believe it to be a double exposure.













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