Black Eyed Children an Urban Legend?


Black-eyed children are supposed to be an Urban Legend they are ghostly children with pale skin and black eyes and their age is between 6-16 years.

People come across these Children while hitchhiking or can be confronted by them on their doorstep as they open the front door.

Tales of these black-eyed children date back as far as the late 50’s. So could these tales just be an Urban legend or is there some truth to these ghostly children?

Here are some of these strange accounts of people encountering black-eyed children perhaps after reading these accounts you will decide there’s more to this than just an Urban legend.

1950 Virginia

One of the very first reported cases of a black-eyed child was reported in 1950 a 16-year-old boy named Harold was walking up his street to his Virginia home when he noticed a boy leaning on a fence post on the other side of the road he looked a little strange but Harold said hello but got no reply so Harold decided to carry on walking to his home.

As Harold walked by the boy he heard footsteps behind him as Harold turned to face the strange boy the boy told Harold that ” he wanted to go to his house and that Harold would take him there”.

That’s when Harold noticed the boys eyes they were pitch black.

Harolds instincts told him to run but he was rooted to the spot that’s when as if the Black-eyed boy had read his mind he said “now don’t you run out on me you have to take me home” Harold pulled himself together and ran as fast as he could towards his home and from behind him he heard the most terrifying scream so he kept on running until he reached his home and the safety of his Mother and Father.

They both believed Harold’s story and his Father grabbed his gun and went looking for this Devish blackeyed child but could not find him so the next day his mother took Harold to a priest just to make sure he was safe.

1974 France

While driving their car through a small village in Aisne France Alain and Patrick decided to make a u-turn and as they tried to turn their car in a small courtyard they noticed 5 ghostly figures staring back at them.

The figures were children all with pale complexions and all wearing the same white clothing and what made this even stranger was Alain and Patrick noticed that all the children had black eyes.

One of the children who was standing closest to the car beckoned them over as if they wanted Alain and Patrick to come and play with them and with that, both men took off in their car they returned a few minutes later with some villagers to try and find the ghostly children but they could not be seen anywhere.

One villager admitted to seeing the 5 black eyed children once before but was too afraid to approach them.

2014 England

In September 2014, the newspaper The Daily Star ran several full front-page stories of a black-eyed girl who was terrorizing the area of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, England.

So a Paranormal investigator by the name of Lee Brickley went to research the case. He claimed that a local woman had suddenly heard a terrifying scream one night, which she believed to be a child in danger.

She ran in search of the child, and after initially not seeing anyone, she noticed that a girl dressed in white stood behind her. She stated that the young girl had her hands over her eyes “as if she was waiting for a birthday cake” and was silent.

The woman, who also had her young daughter with her, asked the strange girl if she was okay, which seemed to prompt her to take her hands from her face, and open her eyes. “That’s when I saw they were pitch black, no iris, no white, nothing,” the witness told Brickley. “I jumped back and grabbed my daughter. When I looked again, the child was gone. It was so strange.”

Brickley also told the media that his own aunt had witnessed this same girl over 30 years earlier in 1982. He stated that she had heard a young girl calling for help before seeing a girl dressed in white running away from her. Brickley’s aunt caught up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder to see if she was okay. When the girl turned around, his aunt could see that her eyes were completely black. The girl then turned and continued to run before disappearing.

In April 2015, a video taken from a drone flying over the fields of Cannock Chase appeared on YouTube. In the background, some believe that the drone unintentionally caught a strange girl, dressed in white and matching descriptions of the alleged black-eyed girl of Cannock Chase.

Medium Christine Hamlett believes that she managed to capture a photograph of the spooky spectre. She also believes, in part due to her gift to connect with the other side, that the girl is the spirit of a child who died of diphtheria during the Victorian era. Those who do suffer from the disease also suffer from a paralysis of the eyes, which makes them appear dark and sunken.

2012 Northeast Louisiana

Late one night a very strange case of black-eyed children was broadcast on Darkness radio telling of an encounter that happened in a gas station just off a lonely highway in Louisiana.

it was around 3.00am and the attendant was going about his duties when the power went out around the station leaving him in complete darkness.

Using his phone as a makeshift torch he found his way to the generator and switched it back on but only the forecourt lights came on leaving the rest of the gas station in darkness.

But in the darkness out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a child on a bike but shook what he thought off that’s when out of the darkness he saw 3 children riding their bikes up to the gas station.

Almost as soon as he saw them 2 of the children jumped off their bikes and came over to the doorway of the gas station. The attendant thought nothing of it and went to the door where he saw the 2 children waiting and he opened the door to them.

He spoke to the children and asked why they were out at such a late hour and so close to the highway. One of them a young girl asked him if she could borrow his phone and as he handed her his mobile phone his eyes met hers and he saw to big black orbs looking back at him thats when the girl shouted “No not that phone the proper phone I need to come inside” In that split second fear took hold of the attendant and he locked the front door and told the children to go away but they stayed by the door just looking at him then as if they had been called away they turned without saying a word got on their bikes and left.

2009 North Carolina

While based at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, an unnamed US Marine stated that in November 2009, he had a strange encounter with black-eyed children near the barracks where he lived.

The anonymous witness stated that he was alone in his room one evening watching a movie when a knock came at his door. Expecting it to be his roommate, who had forgotten his key, the Marine opened it without hesitation. When he did, though, he was presented with the sight of two small children standing outside. As soon as he saw them, the man stated that he was filled with dread and had an impulse to slam the door shut as fast as he could. That was before he realized that both children had jet-black eyes.

Despite his fear, the Marine asked the children what they wanted, to which they responded, all the while staring straight at him, that it was cold outside and that they wanted to come inside and read. The Marine suddenly realized that no one else was within sight, and as the children took a step toward the room, he gave in to the impulse that was racing through him and shut the door quickly. The knocking continued for several minutes, in addition to a “rattling” from his window, before the noises stopped, and the children appeared to be gone.

The Marine made some idle inquiries the following morning, but the few people who had been on-site during his strange encounter stated that they hadn’t seen or heard anything strange.








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