Shadow People or Person


A shadow person is known also as a shadow being, or black mass it is an entity that shows its self in the form of a black humanoid figure.

Throughout the ages, many religions describe these beings as supernatural or shades belonging to the underworld and many of these shadowy beings have been the topic of so many folklore tales and legends. And also been the subject of many ghost stories.

I have researched these entities and compiled a list of the many forms these shadow people might take and if they are violent or friendly.

The Shadow Hat man


Even though this kind of Shadow person looks creepy there have been no accounts that this entity will cause you harm.

People that have encountered this entity have described a faceless dark tall thin man wearing an overcoat and hat who will watch you from a doorway or an alley and leave you with an easy feeling that you haven’t seen the last of him.


Red Eyed Shadow People


The Red-eyed Shadow Person is one of the more troublesome entities and more violent they feed on your fear and this only makes them stronger. People have reported something more than the darkness in their room a thick black mass and the only distinguishing feature is its bright red glowing eyes that if you look into will leave you thinking that you are in the presence of pure evil.

These entities usually do not attack as they don’t need to they torment and tease the person causing more fear for them to grow. One way of ridding yourself of this nasty entity is to smudge your home and have a cleansing ceremony.

I will explain all about smudging and how this can help and why people smudge their homes on another blog.

The Watchmen

maxresdefault (1)

These Shadow People watch you while you sleep they are not so malevolent as other so-called Shadows. Reports suggest that you may wake in the middle of the night with the feeling that you are being watched or that you are not alone you turn to find a dark figure standing at the bottom of your bed just looking at you as if observing you while you sleep. There have been many accounts associating these such figures with the sightings of UFO’s or alien abductions.

Forest Shadow Figure


While most shadow people appear indoors, some accounts describe encountering shadow people in forests. These black figures, like their counterparts, watch silently from the shadows without so much as breaking a twig. Forest-dwelling shadow people also have a tendency to mimic the people they encounter (stopping at the same time, for example). And giving the person the feeling that they are being followed.

Some claim that these shadow people are actually guardians of the forests that they inhabit, while others speculate that they’re the ghosts of people who got lost amongst the trees. Whatever their origins, they’re generally perfectly happy to follow and watch without causing harm.


Shadow Animals


Shadow people normally manifest as inky outlines of humans or shapeless clouds of black mist but plenty of people have claimed to see shadow animals as well. Shadow animals don’t show up as often as shadow people and they’re more difficult to spot because they stay low to the ground and move astonishingly quickly. Shadow cats are the most common type of shadow animal but there have also been alleged encounters with shadow rats, birds, spiders, and even apes.

They don’t appear to pose any more danger to humans than real animals do. However, some shadow cats, like real cats, aren’t afraid to make life difficult for people or animals that they don’t like.




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