Shadow People or Person

A shadow person is known also as a shadow being, or black mass it is an entity that shows its self in the form of a black humanoid figure.

Throughout the ages, many religions describe these beings as supernatural or shades belonging to the underworld and many of these shadowy beings have been the topic of so many folklore tales and legends. And also been the subject of many ghost stories.

5 Of The Most famous Ghost Photographs Ever Taken.

The Paranormal, Supernatural, and Ghosts these  three topics have always been debated and many ask do they really exist?

Many people have reported seeing a ghost but without great proof and these reports are often disregarded. Now if these reports are back up with a photo of the supposed ghost this would help but are all photos real or have some been faked.

Here you will find 5 famous photographs of ghosts, real or fake you decide.

Is the Stockbridge Bypass the most haunted road in England

Created to provide a quicker link between Sheffield and Manchester in the north of England, the Stocksbridge Bypass is said to be one of the most haunted roads in Europe. There are regular reports of strange children playing in the fields at the side of the carriageway  and then they disappear,  or of figures suddenly […]