The Wessex Werewolf

In 2007 a CCTV Camera on the A338 Wessex Way in Bournemouth Dorset caught what looks like a strange Dog like Creature crossing the Road. It runs out jumps over the central barrier of the road in front of a car then disappears off camera. What is strange about this video is that it was taken in […]

The Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery

The Black Angel statue is 8.5ft tall and was built by Mario Korbel. And is located on the north side of Iowa City. The statue was built as a monument for the Feldevert Family. And is shrouded in Mystery and Paranormal Activity. The statue even though made from bronze has turned black over the years and […]

Okiku’s Well

The Okiku well lies in the grounds of Himeji Castle in Japan the castle dates back to 1333 and stands in the city of Himeji. Although the Castle and its grounds are very beautiful the Well its self-holds a very dark secret. It is said the samurai Lord Aoyama Tessan had a young servant girl called […]


In Romanian Folklore the Strigoi were the first vampire’s and all Western traditions like Dracula stem from this piece of folklore. Causes of becoming a strigoi include being born with hair,having a cat jump over your dead body or being the seventh child of your parents. It is believed that in the first 40 days […]