The Ghost Children of San Antonio’s Rail Road Tracks

San Antonio, Texas is the site of one of Texas most famous ghost stories.

Near the San Juan Mission is an intersection of a roadway that is crossed over by railroad tracks. Now whether this is a ghostly tale or urban legend this tale has been lost in American history.


Three American Urban Legends of the Crybaby Bridges

CryBaby Bridge is a name given to bridges in the United States often involved in an Urban Legend were you can often hear a baby crying or see a young ghostly child. Here is a list of some of the Bridges in the United States and the Urban Legends behind them.      The Crybaby […]

The Smurl Haunting

The Smurl House located at 328 Chase Street West Pittston, Pennsylvania. This Double blockhouse was surrounded by Claims of the Paranormal between 1974 to 1989. This is the story of the Smurl family and the demon that terrorised them. The Smurl family claim that it all started in 1974 and that a Demon had taken possession […]