The Changeling (1980)

The Changeling was made in 1980 and directed by Peter Medak and starred George C Scott. The film is a Canadian Psychological Horror and is one of the films I hold in my top ten of scary films.


The Russian Sleep Experiment

In 1940 Russian researchers took five people and hid them away in a concealed bunker. Were the researcher’s mixed their oxygen intake with an experimental gas based stimulate and kept them awake for fifteen days? This is the story of what happened to them. The five people were political prisoners during World War II and […]

Don’t Look Now

Don’t Look Now is a British-Italian made movie from 1973 Directed by Nicolas Roeg and starred Julie Christie and  Donald Sutherland On a budget of $1.1 million. The film grew in stature due to the controversial sex scene. The Daily Mail said”it contains one of the frankest sex scenes ever to be filmed” and was given an […]