The Well to Hell

The Well To Hell is a bore hole that was drilled in 1989 in Siberia. The bore hole it 14.5 kilometers down and was so deep it was reported to have broken through to Hell. It was first reported in 1989 on the United States TV channel “Trinity Broadcasting Company”and  from then on the story […]

The Russian Sleep Experiment

In 1940 Russian researchers took five people and hid them away in a concealed bunker. Were the researcher’s mixed their oxygen intake with an experimental gas based stimulate and kept them awake for fifteen days? This is the story of what happened to them. The five people were political prisoners during World War II and […]

The strange case of the Dyatlov Pass Incident

In January 1959 ten students from the Ural State Technical University of Russia, decided to embark on a journey into the Ural Mountains of Russia. Only one would survive the ill-fated trip.The the students were experienced Mountaineers and Hiker’s and we’re expected to reached their goal by February the 12. One of the students (Yury […]